verification of water meters

Our business has been around in the European market place for a long period. During this period, we have been able to accomplish definitely obvious effects. We have been consistently developing.

Simultaneously, 3 simple rules would be the primary for us:

good quality of labor;

high reliability;


The important thing to our undoubted success lies in the next:

At the same time of employment, we will undoubtedly use contemporary, high-good quality and dear equipment. This provides us the chance to provide large assures for that good quality products that we sell. And in addition supply her servicing.

We work straight with the very best suppliers. We have now no intermediaries. This permits us to offer you our customers premium quality products at the most huge discounts.

The main directions of our own successful exercise are the sale of water and heat meters, wireless and wired data transmission techniques, various mixers, radiators, higher-high quality fittings as well as other products. Also, our specialists mount and repair, assemble and replace, offer you routine maintenance and calibration of metering products. You will entrust the solution of problems to highly qualified specialists if you decide to contact us.

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